Liz - Parent, September 2016

Good afternoon Ben,

I am sure you have been inundated with thank you emails and messages from such a fabulous camp! Sam has handwritten a letter and it is on its way but I couldn’t help but say thanks from a parent’s perspective. I was truly inspired by how much you had taught him in just a week after watching the game. He got in the car on Friday after graduation and said it was life changing for him. Then this morning he went on a morning run and wanted to know where we could find some nets in Sydney to practice in. I thought Michael said it perfectly when he said it goes beyond the cricket. It’s about helping each one of those boys understand what it takes to get the very best out of any endeavour they choose in their life. About understanding, in cricket or any sport, there is ups and downs but with persistence, training and looking to the right people for support anything is possible. The way you, Michael and your team address all aspects of the great game itself, to nutrition, to leadership, the whole package has inspired Sam beyond belief. Thanks, Ben, Michael and your team. You are truly awesome!

Zane Gilder - MCCA Graduate, September 2016

Hey ben, I’m just emailing to deliver some great news. I am honestly in the form of my life thanks to the Michael Clarke Cricket Academy. I am the leading run scorer in my team and have taken the most wickets as well. Thank you guys so much!

Jayne - Parent, September 2016

Hello Ben,

What an amazing camp! I see such a big change in Sean’s confidence with his cricket. He is constantly telling us about the valuable advice and information that he was given. He speaks very highly of you and Greg. Your kindness, the amount of time you spent with him and how much fun you were.

And not to forget the HIGH quality kit, training kit and sneakers that were included. AND the time spent with Michael Clarke, precious.

I have no doubt this will be one of those treasured life long memories that he will always talk about. I also have no doubt that he will be bugging you with emails and that he is already plotting his next camp when he is 15.