Michael Clarke’s vision is to create a centre of excellence for young talented cricketers who want to take their game to the highest level. He believes the best way to achieve that is to show them how he prepares for his international games, both on and off the field. He has assembled a great coaching team to deliver his specially designed program in world-class facilities.

Michael will personally attend the Academy (provided he does not have team commitments at the time!) and every trainee will be asked to keep up with his standards in the gym and in the nets.

Michael also knows the standards of behaviour and presentation required of professional athletes off the field. The Academy will include evening sessions on life skills including player behaviour, media training, and public speaking.

And the Academy is also about fostering the spirit of the game by building links between young cricketers from all nations. MCCA graduates will share an ongoing bond through Michael and will be part of an alumni network which will meet regularly at events and through the MCCA website.