5-day Live In Camp

“My dream is to help the next generation of young cricketers to achieve their dreams”

The Michael Clarke Cricket Academy is a five-day, live-in camp based on Michael Clarkes’ training regime. You will take part in daily gym and fitness sessions in a world-class facility, on-field and skills sessions including nets, centre wicket and outfield training, and expert seminars on cricketing tactics, physio, nutrition, and positive mindsets. The evenings are used for off-field development including personal standards of behaviour, public speaking and presentation, and dealing with the media.


  • 5 Days of specialised training at world-class facilities
  • One-on-one coaching with Michael Clarke
  • A full MCCA uniform including T-Shirt, Shorts, Hat, Tracksuit Jacket, Tracksuit Pants and Asics Shoes
  • A new Spartan kit, including pads, bat and gloves
  • A full physio assessment using state of the art technology
  • All meals and 5 nights accommodation in a private room (Females & Males Over 15) or in a shared room (Males Under 15)
  • Presentations from Physiotherapists,  Nutritionists, and Sports Psychologists
  • A guided tour of the SCG, including the players’ areas
  • Written reports on all technical and physical aspects of your game


  • Day 1: Camp introduction; physical testing and full biometric assessment; skills training; recovery session; tactical session (evening)
  • Day 2: Strength and conditioning; bowling screenings; video analysis session (of previous days training); skills session; recovery session; mental skills (evening)
  • Day 3: Strength and conditioning; skills session (centre wicket scenarios); recovery; presentation / media skills (evening)
  • Day 4: Strength and conditioning; SCG tour; fielding / net session;
    recovery; nutrition / hydration education (evening)
  • Day 5: Graduation game; BBQ dinner; graduation ceremony